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Check out your first-year-out list of opportunities to stay connected with East West University.

19th Convocation 2020

Connect with your Local Triton Family! Meet new grads, established alumni, and incoming students to get you started on the right path.

This is About You

This is about growing together and creating something new. Growing professionally and launching your career. Staying connected to the university and each other. Inspiring the next generation of Tritons. It takes just one person to fuel a movement. One idea to make a wave.

Find Your Club

Find Your Club

Your alumni community, 200,000 strong, is always close no matter where you live! Socialize or intellectualize—online or in-person—anytime, anywhere.

Club Events

Connecting to our alumni members through events in the local community.

Your Triton Network

Building your network can be fun! Check out our club scene or get connected locally with fellow Tritons through our regional clubs, social activities or campus events.

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Follow Us on Social

Connect via social to wavemakers around the world and leverage the power of nearly 200,000 alumni.

Alumni Career Resources

As a East West University Triton, you have full access to a variety of free alumni career resources, including career fairs, job opportunities, networking tools and events.

Welcome to Handshake!

You’re new career planning platform is here. Register for workshops and events, apply for open positions and connect with employers.

East West University Extension Classes & Certificates

Satisfy your intellectual appetite long after graduation with lifelong learning opportunities online and near you.

Online Coursera Classes!

Satisfy your intellectual appetite long after graduation with lifelong learning opportunities online and near you. Explore East West University courses and specializations.

Career Resources

Let Us Help You Launch Your Career

East West University is committed to supporting every Triton’s career pursuits and professional mobility. By participating in career fairs, you will find outstanding job opportunities.

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